Philips Bodine Product List

Technical Literature

Emergency Product Lines

LED Technologies - Emergency Drivers Linear Fluorescents Compact Fluorescents
BSL10 Cold-Pak B30 B4CFG
BSL17 & BSL17C B30HV B84CG
BSL17-C2 & BSL17C-C2 B30ST B94CGU
BSL20 (LV, MV & HV) B50 CF94GU
BSL23 & BSL23C B5CT  
BSL26 BSL26C B50ST  
BSL36 Cold-Pak B54  
BSL310 B54U  
BSL310C & BSL310C-DF B60  
BSL310HAZ B70A  
BSL310LP B90  
BSL310LPST B100  
BSL722 Cold    
Low Profile - LP Series Self-Testing - REDiTEST Series Generator Products
LP600 BSL17C-C2ST Driver  
LP600STU BSL310LPST Driver  
BSL310LP Driver    
BSL310LPST Driver    
Inverters - ELI Series Canadian Rated Products  
ELI-S-20 B30  
ELI-S-100 B30HV  
ELI-S-250 B30ST  
ELI-S-400 B4CFG  

Specialty Application Products

Extreme Temps - Cold-Paks Hazardous Locations Extended Runtimes
B4CF1 Cold-Pak BHD55U
B4CF2 Cold-Pak BHD65U
B4CF2P Cold-Pak
B4CF3 Cold-Pak BSL310HAZ  
BSL36LP Cold-Pak    
B50 Cold-Pak    
BSL722 Cold    

Egress Marking Products

Door Frame Strobe    


Philips Emergency Lighting designs and manufactures award-winning, innovative Philips Bodine emergency and specialty lighting products. We offer a diverse line that includes emergency LED drivers, fluorescent emergency ballasts, inverters and generator-compatible products to turn your existing lighting fixtures into emergency lighting. With over 50 years of experience, Philips Emergency Lighting leads the way in Emergency Lighting Solutions.

Emergency lighting is a vital part of every facility’s life safety program. Local, state and national building codes such as the NFPA®, Life Safety Code® and National Electrical Code®, require reliable emergency illumination for a minimum of 90 minutes in all commercial, industrial and institutional buildings in the United States. For over half a century, Philips Bodine products have helped give companies, facility managers, contractors, architects, specifiers and lighting designers the peace of mind that their buildings' pathways are well lit during an emergency.

LED technology is a new frontier. For most in the lighting industry there is a very real learning curve as we explore the intricacies, applications, limitations and potential of this amazing light source. Despite the curve, use of LED lighting for general lighting purposes is rapidly growing. Its popularity is not a mystery. LED technology is continually improving. LEDs offer long life and high efficiency, have low operating costs and are lead and mercury free.

As with other types of lighting, LED lighting must meet the life safety code requirements for emergency illumination. LED fixtures serving as emergency units must, therefore, provide at least 90 minutes of emergency lighting. Philips Bodine emergency LED drivers and emergency lighting inverters allow these fixtures to meet or exceed code.

Linear fluorescent lamps serve as a mainstay in commercial, industrial and institutional lighting. Philips Bodine fluorescent emergency ballasts for linear lamps operate most single and bi-pin fluorescent lamps, including U-shaped, HO, VHO, circline and energy-saving, and 4-pin long compacts. They are compatible with electronic, standard, energy-saving and dimming AC ballasts. Philips Bodine emergency ballasts are UL Listed for factory or field installation, provide at least 90 minutes of code-required emergency lighting and produce up to 3500 lumens initial light output.

Philips Bodine compact fluorescent emergency ballasts (FEBs) are designed specifically for compact lamp fluorescent fixtures. They allow you to easily covert new or existing fluorescent fixtures into code-compliant emergency lighting.

The emergency ballasts operate most and 4-pin compact lamps, including twin-tube, double twin-tube (quad), triple twin-tube, long compact and 2D lamps, and they are compatible with electronic, standard, energy-saving and dimming AC ballasts, as well as with energy management systems such as occupancy detectors and photo sensors. Philips Bodine compact FEBs are UL Listed for factory or field installation and provide at least 90 minutes of code-required emergency lighting.

Philips Emergency Lighting offers a range of sinusoidal output emergency lighting inverters. The inverters allow designated lighting fixtures (loads) to serve as code-compliant emergency lighting sources during failure of normal AC power.

Emergency lighting inverters work with a variety of lighting systems (e.g., LED, fluorescent) and lamp types (e.g., LED strip system, Edison-based, fluorescent linear, CFL). In addition, they are suitable for almost any setting, including retail, commercial, hospitality, schools and healthcare.

Emergency lighting inverters are an excellent choice for use with multiple fixtures and in cases where emergency LED drivers cannot be used, such as with integral-base lamps. They also offer the advantage of long-distance remote installation.


Philips Emergency Lighting designs and manufactures award-winning, innovative Philips Bodine emergency and specialty lighting products for LED, Fluorescent & HID lighting in Canada. Philips Bodine CSA Certified emergency ballasts provide instant backup lighting when normal power fails.

Philips Bodine products are award-winning, innovative solutions foremergency and specialty lighting applications. With almost half of a century of experience, Philips Emergency Lighting is the industry leader. We offer a diverse line that includes fluorescent emergency ballasts, LED emergency drivers, HID backup ballasts and generator-compatible products. Philips Emergency Lighting is a division of Philips Electronics North America Corporation.

We now have inventory in Markham, Ontario, Canada.