LED Filament Bulbs

LED Filament Bulbs

Decorative Chandelier

Enjoy the warm color temperature of vintage light bulbs. Choose from traditional


LED Filament Bulbs


Extremely energy saving with low power consumption · Filament-like LEDs g


The Antique Series lamps use a carbon filament with simulated oil-rubbed glass t


LED Tubular Antique Bulb.

LED vintage-style lamps allow you to maintain a warm, classic light effect while providing longer life and energy savings.


A variety of aesthetically pleasing, classic lamp shapes.  Integrates a compact driver design to achieve thedecorative look and feel, Instant on, Certain models feature smooth (and deeper) dimming, Select models are UL wet rated for outdoorusage.



Use inside with clear pendants, table or floor lamps for a classic interior design.  UL wet rated models can be used outside on string lights over a patio or pergola, in a marquee, or install them in outdoor fixtures with a medium base.