LED Landscape

LED Landscape Lighting

About Landscape Lighting
Adding lights to outdoor spaces can improve your overall home experience. Transform your yard, porch, patio or deck with landscape lighting that can be decorative while improving the safety and security of your home’s exterior or commercial property.

Choose the Right Landscape Lighting
Pathway lights and bollard lights are affordable path lights that illuminate walkways. Flood lights, similar to spotlights, focus light in a direction to brighten large areas, bushes and shrubbery. Underwater lights and in-ground well lights are dug into a water fixture or land to radiate from below. This lighting strongly benefits yard ponds, natural waterways and the land surrounding it. Flag pole lights can help the Stars and Stripes stand out at night.

Landscape Lighting Features
The beauty of your yard is showcased with landscape lighting even when it is unobtrusive or hidden within nature. You can highlight your garden, give way to your driveway and walkup or display a dramatic waterfall piece with any landscape lighting style. Consider which of these landscape lighting options will help focus attention on your outdoor space’s most important details.

Solar Path Lights. Solar landscape lights offer a simple way to illuminate pathways, sidewalks and more. Their batteries get charged each day by the sun’s UV rays. Simply stake them into your outdoor space of choice to get the landscape lighting you need.

Low Voltage Landscape Lights. Keep your electrical bills down with these energy efficient choices that allow you to place warm, high quality light in exactly the right place. They’re designed to be safe for DIY installation.

Dusk to Dawn Landscape Lights. Another energy efficient option, these lights shut off automatically when they detect natural light and turn back on once the sun sets.

Line Voltage Landscape Lights. Affordable and easy to install, you can take these lights out of the box, plug them in and then place them right into your yard, thanks to their standard 120-volt setup.

Weather Resistant Landscape Lights. If you live in an area that often experiences harsh weather conditions – lots of snow, rain and wind – look for weather resistant designs that can withstand whatever Mother Nature has in store.