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LED Downlights

LED Downlights

Forget About Changing Light Bulbs Whether you’re looking for task lighting, d

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Forget About Changing Light Bulbs Whether you’re looking for task lighting, d


Forget About Changing Light Bulbs

Whether you’re looking for task lighting, decorative lighting, or shower lighting— recessed lights can do the trick. Recessed lights, also referred to as can lights, pot lights, or high hat lights, are energy efficient and last longer than ordinary bulbs. When you upgrade to integrated LED recessed lighting, you can forget about changing your light bulbs for years.

How long do LEDs last?

LED lighting has a much longer lifespan than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. Many LED lights are rated to last 50,000 hours or more. That translates into roughly 5 and a half years, if you had the lights running 24 hours a day. That’s 22 years if the lights are used an average of 6 hours per day or 45 years at 3 hours per day.

Integrated LED Lighting

Integrated LED lighting fixtures have the LED bulb or lamp built in. It’s all in one unit. These light fixtures connect directly with the main lines or tracks. You may want to hire a professional to do this job. But, look on the bright side. Because LEDs are more compact and versatile than ever, the design options are endless with integrated LED lighting fixtures.

LED Retrofit Recessed Lighting

If you just want to add LED bulbs to your existing recessed lighting fixtures, that’s called an LED retrofit. There are retrofit kits that convert recessed light cans that were made for old fashioned bulbs to work with modern LED lights. It’s pretty simple. Just take out your old bulbs and remove the existing trim. Then, pop in your new LED retrofit kit or module and you’re done. 

Recessed Light Parts

There are two basic components to recessed lighting: the trims and the housings. The recessed light trims are basically the parts of the fixture that you can see on the outside. You can choose decorative trims in a variety of styles and colors to match whatever look you’re going for in the room. The recessed light housings are installed into the ceiling and hold the bulb. If you plan to add LED bulbs to fixtures on a dimmer, make sure you get dimmable LEDs. You’ll also need to replace the dimmer switch.

Whether shopping in store or online, let us help you with recessed lighting kits, LED lights, and everything else you need to complete your new construction or remodel recessed lighting project.