Lamp Sockets

Lamp Sockets

Linear Fluorescent

T5, T8 & T12 Electrical Lamp Sockets.

HID Sockets

Sockets for HID light bulbs.

Compact Fluorescent Sockets

Sockets for compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Halogen MR16 Socket

Halogen MR16 Sockets


Electrical Socket Accessories.

Metal Shell Dimming

Metal Shell Dimming Electrical Lamp Holders.

Paper Shell Sockets

Paper Shell Sockets - Electrical Lamp Holder.


Porcelain Electrical Lamp Holder.


Phenolic Electrical Lamp Holder.


GU24 Phenolic Electrical Lamp Holder.

Adapters and Reducers

Light Bulb Adapters and Reducers .

Metal Shell

Metal Shell Electrical Lamp Holders.


Interior Electrical Lamp Holders.

Candelabra Base

Candelabra Base Electrical Lamp Holders.

Candelabra Base Wire Sets

Candelabra Base Electrical Wire Sets.  


Halogen Electrical Lamp Holder

Lamp Sockets for all types of light bulbs.  Needs parts for Antique or general lamp repair we can help. We stock hundreds of different lamp sockets in our warehouse.  Neeed just a few sockets no problem with are no minimum order policy.