D10CC150HVT-F Programmable LED Driver



D10CC150UVT-F LED Programmable Driver

This Everline LED Driver can be configured to set its current output to a selected fraction of their maximum rated design level. This function is called tuning (or also high‐end trim) and it can be implemented with the LDTC01A using the Selector rotary switches. Tuning assignments are stored in driver memory and are not lost when power is removed. All factory produced drivers are tuned to maximum output unless otherwise noted on the label.

  • Input Power 165W /120V 161W/277V
  • Input Voltage 120 ~ 277 Vac
  • Input Current Max 1.40 /120V 0.59/277V
  • Output Voltage 50V-143V
  • Output Current 105-1050mA
  • Output Power 150W Max
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D10CC150UVT-F - LED Driver 1050 mA, 150W, 120-277V input, 0-10V dimming, w/tuning

1050mA LED Driver w/ Tuning

Universal Input Voltage 120 – 277 Vac
0-10V Dimming to 10%
Thermal Foldback Control

Programmable Tuned Output Settings
• This Everline LED Driver can be
configured to set its current output to a
selected fraction of their maximum
rated design level. This function is
called tuning (or also high-end trim) and
it can be implemented with the
LDTC01A using the Selector rotary
switches. Tuning assignments are
stored in driver memory and are not
lost when power is removed. All
factory produced drivers are tuned to
maximum output unless otherwise
noted on the label.
• Tuning SET Levels are listed in the table
to the right. The SET Level corresponds
to an associated Output Current value.
• Tuned output tolerance of ± 5%.
• Refer to application note EVD06.

0-10V Analog Dimming Interface
• Analog 0 to 10 vDC Voltage Control
• Use Violet (+) & Gray (-) for connection to 0-10vDC.
• 10v = maximum output, 0v = minimum output
• Wiring Violet & Gray together provides min. light output.
• Capping Violet & Gray separately provides 100% light output.
• 0-10V interface can be wired as Class 1 or Class 2 Circuit.
• Driver will source a maximum of 200uA for control needs.
• Controller must sink current from the 0-10V control leads.

More Information

D10CC150HVT-F Spec Sheet

Input Voltage 120-277
Output Power 150
Output Voltage 50 - 144 Volt
Output Current 0.105 - 0.0105
Order Code D10CC150UVT-F
Manufacturer Universal Lighting Technologies