CF94GU Style 1 Philips bodine

CF94GU Style 1 Bodine Emergency

BSL23 Philips bodine

BSL23 Emergency Ballast-Driver

CF94GU Style 3 Bodine Emergency 

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•UL COMPONENT RECOGNIZED :Factory Installation Only
•Illumination Time :90 Minutes
•Initial Light Output :300 - 750 Lumens
•Full Warranty :2 Years (NOT pro-rata)
•Universal Input Voltage :120 Through 277 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
•AC Input Current :70 mA
•AC Input Power Rating :5.5 Watts
CF94GU Style 3
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•Test Switch :Single Pole
•Battery Charging Current :280 mA
•Recharge Time :36 Hours
•Charging Indicator Light :LED
The CF94GU open circuit design is a UL RECOGNIZED COMPONENT that works in conjunction with an AC ballast to convert fluorescent fixtures into emergency lighting. The open circuit design consists of a high-temperature nickel-cadmium battery (available in four configurations for ease of installation), charger and electronic circuitry on one open circuit board. A single-pole push-button test switch and LED charging indicator light are also provided. The CF94GU can be used with one 13 - 42 W (4-pin) twin, quad or triple twin-tube compacts. It is also compatible with most one-, two-, three- and four-lamp electronic, standard, energy-saving and dimming AC ballasts. If used in an emergency-only fixture, no AC ballast is necessary. This component is incomplete in certain construction features or restricted in performance capabilities. It is not intended for separate field installation; rather it is intended for use as a component of complete equipment submitted for investigation by Underwriters Laboratories. Final acceptance of the component in the complete equipment is dependent upon its installation and use in accordance with all applicable conditions and ratings noted in the component report issued by UL. The CF94GU may be used in a variety of fluorescent fixtures. The CF94GU is suitable for indoor and damp locations and for sealed & gasketed fixtures. The CF94GU is recommended for use with low mercury/amalgam (green) compact fluorescent lamps. For information about specific lamp and ballast compatibility, please call the factory.

When AC power fails, the CF94GU immediately switches to the emergency mode, operating one lamp at a reduced lumen output for a minimum of 90 minutes. When AC power is restored, the CF94GU automatically returns to the charging mode and, using a patented circuit, delays AC ballast operation for up to five seconds to prevent false tripping of the AC ballast end-of-lamp-life shutdown circuits.
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