Low Pressure Sodium

Low Pressure Sodium

35/55 Watt

Advance Low Pressure Sodium Ballast 35/55 Watt

90 Watt

Advance Low Pressure Sodium ballast for 90 Watt LPS lamp

135/180 Watt

Advance low pressure sodium ballast for 135 watt and 180 watt low pressure sodiu

Low Pressure Sodium lamps (SOX) and ballast manufactured by Advance that offer uniform sodium distribution in the discharge tube by means of dimples for a more stable discharge, higher efficacy and better lumen maintenance and lamp life. Low Pressure Sodium lamps are used in Road lighting, railway marshalling yards and crossings, airports, harbours and docks, quarries, foundries and rolling mills.

WARNING: Prevent the bulb from being scratched. The lamps must be stored and transported in the original packing. Be sure power supply is off before installing or removing lamp. In case outer bulb is broken, avoid making contact with metal parts to prevent electrical shock. This lamp contains sodium, which can generate a high degree of heat when exposed to small amounts of water. Broken lamps may constitute an ignitable and/or reactive hazardous waste. Special care should be taken to prevent contact to the skin and water. It is recommended to recycle these lamps through an approved lamp recycler. Consult applicable Federal, State and local regulations.