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We carrry T8 ballast from all of the major manufacturers for all applications.

QUICKTRONIC® T8 Fluorescent Ballasts

OSRAM energy saving T8 fluorescent systems can help lower power density (watts/sq-ft) to meet more stringent energy codes. Whether you are looking to retrofit an existing luminaire or specifying lamps and ballasts for new luminaires, there are a variety of energy saving T8 lamps and ballast systems to choose from. 

OSRAM fluorescent dimming ballasts are available in a variety of high efficiency systems ideal for daylight harvesting and other control strategies to save additional energy and improve the quality of the lighted environment. Whether you need simple powerline dimming, 0-10V, bi-level or more sophisticated DALI dimming, there is a system to meet your needs.

Instant Start T8: High efficiency ballasts with lamp striation control, Type CC and high temperature options, standard models

Program Start T8:  High efficiency, Type CC ballasts with lamp striation control, Parrallel wired versions, standard model

GE UltraStart® Electronic Ballast

UltraStart® ballasts are a family of high-efficiency GE Program Start electronic linear fluorescent ballasts designed to optimize GE's T8 and T5 Ultra lamps in frequently switched applications.

Instant Start ballasts provide approximately 10,000 starts before 50% of lamp failure. UltraStart®provides greater than 100,000 starts. UltraStart® have the equivalent energy savings and convenience of instant start ballasts but with the long lamp life of a programmed start ballast.

UltraStart® T8 L, N and H ballasts exceed 90% efficiency and the NEMA Premium® ballast program minimum efficiency requirements.

UltraStart® T8 Full Range Dimming Ballasts 
For greater energy savings without sacrificing lamp warranty, GE's programmed start full-range (100%-3%) dimming ballasts offer all the benefits of existing GE UltraStart® T8 fixed-light output programmed start ballasts with the additional capability of full-range dimming. Such flexibility makes these new ballasts ideal for meeting energy legislation and efficiency goals.

UltraStart®T8 Bi-Level Dimming Ballasts 
Perfect for reducing light levels in unoccupied spaces, this new portfolio of ballasts is an effective energy management solution. These ballasts will reduce power by over 50% and easily switch from 100% to 30% light with 2 standard switches or a line voltage occupancy sensors. Meeting both the 2010 ASRAE/IES 90.1 and California Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24) requirements, the UltraStart®T8 Bi-Level Dimming Ballasts are ideal for new construction and retrofit applications.

T5 47W UltraStart® Watt Miser® System 
The new T5 47W UltraStart® Watt Miser® System delivers $23 savings per lamp and $106 per 4-lamp fixture with only 4% less lumens than standard T5 fluorescent systems. The system has a multitude of advantages like parallel operation that keeps the unit operational despite a lamp failure, fast start times, and a continuous cathode cutout functionality that reduces ballast wattage consumption and improves efficiency.

UltraMax® P Series & G Series 

Introducing our premium, highest efficiency Instant Start ballasts. The P series is comprised of new micro cans that are the smallest in the industry and allow for light weight retrofits and compact design. The new P series will effectively remote start energy efficient lamps up to 18 feet and have improved UL Type CC Anti-Arc protection and double the surge protection for the high ballast factor category.

Offering more than 90% energy efficiency, the UltraMax G series electronic ballast is designed for all-purpose, long-burn operations. Focusing on the needs of our customers, we've constructed these high-efficiency ballasts to offer cutting-edge technologies for anti-striation control. With an ambient temperature rating of 104°F, the UltraMax G series is ideal for general applications.

UltraMax® T8 Bi-Level Dimming and Load-Shed Ballasts

These ballasts are designed for energy saving applications such as daylight harvesting, scheduled lighting scenes, occupancy and photocell sensors, load shedding/peak demand management, demand response and multi-volt.

Choose between UltraMax® T8 Bi-Level Dimming or Load Shedding to “tune” your light levels between 100%-60%, allowing you to “shed” your demand load to help maximize your energy savings.