Ballast / LED Drivers

Ballast / LED Drivers

LED Driver

LED Drivers We offer numerous case styles and electrical configurations, giving

Metal Halide

High Intensity Discharge ballasts operate a vast array of High Pressure Sodium,

Compact Fluorescent

Discover 2-pin and 4-pin plug-in configurations for CFL ball

Emergency Ballast

How Emergency LED Drivers Work Emergency drivers allow an LED fixture to be use


Electronic & Magnetic Fluorescent ballasts.  

High Pressure Sodium

Because they are second only to low pressure sodium as the most efficient and lo

Landscape Transformer

EPC - EMCOD Powder Coated, Manual Timer, Two Taps, Landscape, Low Voltage Series

Low Pressure Sodium

Low Pressure Sodium lamps (SOX) and ballast manufactured by Advance that offer u

HO Sign Ballast

Keystone SmartWire Sign ballast wires exactly the same as traditional magnetic

Step Down Transformer

What is a step down transformer: is one whose secondary voltage is less than its

Halogen Transformer

Our low-voltage halogen transformers are simply the best, but other than that th

Dimming, Energy & Architectural Lighting

DCL® offers a unique Energy Savings Opportunity.  DCL System Controls p


Some lamps need ignitors for proper starting. Standard High Pressure Sodium and


Capacitors should be used when installing HID kits causes the fol

Fulham Ballast

Long known as a supplier of fine electronic ballasts, Fulham has emerged as a gl

Philips Bodine Emergency Ballast

Philips Bodine Product List Philips Bodine Tech F. A. Q. s Bodine Tech F. A. Q

Constant Voltage Electronic Hardwire Driver

Constant Voltage Electronic Hardwire Driver. 100-277V AC, 60Hz input, cULus Lis

Iota Engineering

OTA Life Saving Emergency Lighting Solutions and Powerful AC/DC Converter/C

Emcod Electromagnetic Component Optimal Design

EMCOD (Electro-Magnetic Component Optimal Design) is a world-class developer and

Advance LED Drivers

A comprehensive driver offering From programmable and connected drivers to feat

Advance Programmable LED Drivers

A comprehensive driver offering From programmable and connected drivers to feat

We carry a full range of electronic, fluorescent , metal halide, pulse start, HPS, LPS, HID, transformers, sign ballast, capacitors, starters, ignitors, dimming, led drivers. Complete line from Philips Advance, Universal Lighting Technologies, Hatch, Iota, Bodine, General Electric, Keystone, Sylvania, Fulham and many more quality brands.