Ballast Resources

Philips Advance   (800) 555-0050                                                                  High Intensity Discharge (HID) Ballast 

Philips Advance Part Number Explanation        

Xitanium LED Electronic Drivers Part Number Explanation                                                                                Electromagnetic HID Ballst Core & Coil

Philips Advance Warranty Information

The ABC's of High Intensity discharge (HID) Ballast                                                                                                   Linear Fluorescent         

Advance High Intensity Discharge (HID Ballsat)                                                                                                               Dimming Ballast Guide

Advance to Universal Cross Reference                                                                                                                                 Dimming FAQ                                                                                           

Mark 7 0-10V Dimming Ballast                                                                                                                                                 

Mark 10 Powerline Dimming Ballast

Why Do Advance HID Ballast Look Used?

Universal Lighting Technologies  (800) ballast

EVERLINE_LED Selector Guide

Universal Ballast Selector Guide

LED Driver EVERLINE-Production-Tuning-Quick-Start-Guide-v2


Link to Universal Lighting Spec Finder for all products

Universal Lighting Cross Reference Guide

Universal Lighting Electronic Metal Halide suffix explained

Hatch Lighting  (813) 288-8006

LED Driver Selector

LED Driver Information

Hatch Lighting Ballast

Hatch Lighting Surge Protectors

Hatch to Universal Cross

Hatch Lighting Cross Reference Guide


Lutron  (800) 523-9466

Lutron Cross-reference guide for discontinued ballasts and drivers 


Bodine  (800) 223-5728 

Philips Bodine Product list with specification sheets 

LED Emergency Drivers

Fluorescent Emergency Ballasts

Emergency Lighting Inverters

Emergency Lighting for Generator and Central Inverter Systems

Emergency Lighting for Field Installation

Special Applications

Philips Bodine Warranty & Return Policy

Keystone (800) 464-2680

Fluorescent Ballast

HID Ballast

LED Drivers

Sign Ballast


Iota  (800) 866-4682

Cross Reference for Emergency Ballast


General Electric  (800) 327-0097

Link to warranty page.